TREXM provides tailored automation solutions and integration of disparate systems to attain greater operational and process efficiencies.

TREXM provides complete solutions or systems that involve:

  • Evaluating/documenting of complex processes. identifying customer requirements
  • Providing proposals appropriate to the requirements
  • Implementing systems involving the following technologies.
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), human machine interface (HMI) systems
  • Distributed control systems (DCS), Programmable logic controllers (PLC)-based distributed process controls
  • Field devices, sensors, and instrumentation
  • Industrial networking to connect shop floor PLCs with SCADA workstations
  • Bridging process networks with business networks
  • Telemetry over radio, leased lines, CDMA/GSM, and POTs
  • Providing thorough and detailed documentation
  • Training personnel not only to operate the system effectively, but also to troubleshoot any problems in a systematic manner
  • Providing post-installation system quality assurance and support as necessary.
  • Rotating Equipment: (turbines, compressors, pumps) installation, servicing, and digital diagnostic solutions.
  • Asset Monitoring: Real-time asset monitoring via the Bently Nevada suite of products and services especially for rotating equipment and automation services. This optimizes the uptime of mission critical assets.