GE Flare Management Solutions

With the new Flare regulations recently passed, it is important to stay compliant.  As a channel partner of GE-Baker Hughes,  TREXM can set you up with the proper instrumentation for your flaring needs

Flares in process plants are first and foremost a safety device. In many countries, it is required that the flare be monitored to assure pollution regulation standards are not exceeded. However, a flare metering device can also be used to help operate a plant with greater efficiency and therefore can save the plant a lot of money, even in the absence of regulation

GE offer a complete Flare Management Solution for flare metering, flare control and flare Greenhouse gases monitoring

  • Enable full compliance to environmental regulation via reporting flare Greenhouse gases percentage & quantities and dynamic control for flare gas combustion efficiency
  • Increase efficiency of the complete flare system,
  • Improve the accuracy of plant mass balance calculation
  • Enhance plant safety by give early indication for process upset and valves leak detection on vent / flare network utilizing accurate flare flow measurement at low flaring and flare gases Molecular weight measurement
  • Accurate flare measurement can save operator thousands of dollars in its first months of operation, and payback any service investment in fewer than 6 months
  • Enable significant saving on the steam utility cost

Flare gas Volume & Mass Flow & total Quantity measurement

GE offers complete ultrasonic flow metering for all types of flare & vent lines sizes 2” – 120”

  • Delivers accurate Volume & Mass flow rates, totalizers and Molecular weight independent of Processes type or gas composition
  • Measures very low (base load / purging) to very high flare velocity (Upset conditions)
  • The flare metering system Can be installed, maintained and validated under operation conditions
  • Dynamic compensation for process temp & pressure variance
  • Track down or prevent losses from leakage with positive material identification
  • Account for total plant throughput of material

flare.IQ Flare combustion control system .. GE offers complete plug-and-play solution to meet Local & Global Environmental compliance. Fully equipped with the software algorithms required, there is no need for additional long- term development work. Our software-based solution is housed in a convenient Windows® based industrial controller that easily and seamlessly interfaces with existing DCS.

flare.IQ is pre-programmed with all required algorithms necessary to address the most difficult aspects of proper flare control. GE’s patent pending SmartSteam control algorithm may be customized to the unique fingerprint of each flare system. The program utilizes surrogate modeling to draw correlations between flare flow conditions and the required steam input to operate with no visible emissions.

flare.IQ also employs patented technology to address BTU measurement latency resulting from gas chromatograph (GC) technology. The BTU readings of the flare flow system obtained by the gas chromatograph are a critical input to achieve the required destruction efficiency in the flare combustion zone.

flare.IQ utilizes sound speed to help bridge the GC’s infrequent BTU readings with near-continuous feedback, improving operator control of the entire flare system.

Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS ) GE offers complete system designed for Continuous Emission Monitoring for various stationary Emission sources meet Local & Global Environmental compliance to monitor, self-certify, and justify emissions of NOX, CO, CO2, SO, and unburned hydrocarbons to

The installed costs of PEMS modeling software solution can be just one third those of a similar-accuracy CEMS

  • Lower Cost of Regulator Compliance
  • Eliminate the need for costly analysers as GC, CEMS
  • Local and Remote Access to PEMS
  • Enhanced Condition Monitoring performance & availability 24/7/365 Emissions Prediction
  • Improved Operational Planning
  • Tailored Notifications

GE Experienced engineering team will survey the existent flare management system ( if any ) and the process details and Propose the suitable solutions utilizing existent assets to leverage its performance and assure full compliance to applied environmental regulations & enhancement of the operation efficiency and operation cost savings


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