Nigerian gas flare commercialization programme

The Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialization Programme (NGFCP) manages all gas flare matters on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN). The NGFCP attracts investments and is responsible for the allocation of gas flares. NGFCP develops a framework that caters to project needs and oil and gas producer concerns. They maintain a rigorous screening process to ensure that flare gas buyers stay compliant with all flare gas guidelines, this includes making sure that oil and gas producers are using the appropriate flare gas meter equipment and that they provide accurate flare site data.

The policy position of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) is that gas flaring is unacceptable and the FGN has initiated a number of actions to reaffirm its commitment to ending the practice of gas flaring in our oil fields. Specifically, the FGN has ratified the Paris Climate Change Agreement and is a signatory to the Global Gas Flaring Partnership (GGFR) principles for global flare-out by 2030 whilst committing to a national flare-out target by the year 2020.

The NGFCP is designed as the strategy to implement the policy objectives of the FGN for the elimination of gas flares with potentially enormous multiplier and development outcomes for Nigeria. The objective of the NGFCP is to eliminate gas flaring through technically and commercially sustainable gas utilization projects developed by competent third-party investors who will be invited to participate in a competitive and transparent bid process. The commercialization approach has been considered from legal, technical, economic, commercial and developmental standpoints. It is a unique and historic opportunity to attract major investment in economically viable gas flare capture projects whilst permanently addressing a 60-year environmental problem in Nigeria.

The NGFCP will offer flare gas for sale by the Federal Government of Nigeria through a transparent and competitive bidding process. A structure has been devised to provide project bankability for the Flare Gas Buyers, which is essential to the success of the Programme.
NGFCP’s strategy is to provide a commercial approach to the elimination of routine gas flares by 2020 and drive positive social, environmental and economic impacts in the Niger Delta, by mobilizing private sector capital towards gas flare capture projects. This initial phase of the programme strategy has so far achieved the following milestones:
End-to-end gas flaring diagnostic analysis showing the root cause of gas flares across all sites;
Clear set of programme recommendations with economic modelling, procurement process and funding options;
An implementation roadmap including operating model, draft timelines and key milestones; and
Development of business cases and identification of potential technology solutions and investors.
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