At the third quarter of 2019, Trexm was engaged by MIDWESTERN Oil to engineer, procure,
install, and commission two (2) Ultrasonic Flare Meters on their Flare Lines. Site visits were
done to collate accurate on-site information on the pipe size, available straight run, and preferred
location to install the meters.

Being a channel partner to Baker Hughes General Electric (BHGE), Trexm was offered a suite of
GE-ultrasonic meters, covering – Liquid & Gas Flow Ultrasonic Metering solutions (for
production operations, allocation metering, leak detection and custody transfer) for Upstream,
Midstream and Downstream.

The GE-Flare Ultrasonic Meter provides an efficient way to measure the unique requirements of
flare gas applications. We develop a meter that can handle low-end flow for normal operation
and continue to measure during upset conditions where flow range would exceed traditional
technologies. The XGF868 meter has no restrictions and won’t create back pressure which can
cause safety issues in flares and a unique aspect of the ultrasonic meter is it can determine the
molecular weight of the hydrocarbon gas, yielding a mass flow measurement and it can identify
the type of gas is being flared.

The XGF868 ultrasonic gas flare meter is low-cost, compact, and explosion-proof/flame-proof
transmitter. It improves the efficiency of petrochemical plants, refineries and offshore platforms.
It is used to conserve energy and reduce product loss by identifying sources of leaks into flare
systems. It also improves compliance with pollution control regulations and reduces energy
usage by accurately controlling the amount of steam fed to the flare tip.

Flare.IQ solution is an advanced flare control platform that can reduce methane emissions,
ensure high-efficiency flare combustion, and reduce steam usage in flare systems. Flare.IQ is
pre-programmed with all required algorithms necessary to address the most difficult aspects of
proper flare control. BHGE’s patent-pending process optimization algorithms provide
near-continuous feedback on flare performance that will help drive down operational cost with
reduced steam and supplemental gas consumption.
Flare Validation is a service offered as part of the Flare care programme. This service will help
users of our technologies to be compliant with market regulations, and to keep plant fully
operational and safe.

Periodical flare Validation will help to:

● Reduce losses of process gas. More precise leak detection leads to increased accuracy of
● Steam savings by precision trending of steam injection to control flame.
● Improvement in plant efficiency, more accurate trending of gas discharges
● Production security by ensuring System Integrity through Routine planned preventative
● Meeting government legislation by having certified instruments operating within
● Less discharge of Pollutants – Prevent black flame and environmental compliance

Meters are to be installed by our highly skilled engineers assisted by BHGE Commissioning and
periodical training will be scheduled for the MID WESTERN Operators by TREXM.


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