TREXM commenced the installation and commissioning of eight (8) Autosamplers at the Heritage Oil Marginal Field (OML 30). We provided technical directives prior to installation of the Autosamplers and commissioning to ensure the Auto-Samplers are operating in adequate condition and the correct and accurate information is received.

This automatic sampling system (autosampler-BSW) has been designed for sample oils from upstream crude-oils to refined products according to the requirements of the most usual standards: ISO 3171; ASTM D 4177 ; IP Petroleum Measurement ( Manual Part VI, section 1 ).

The main benefit of the automatic sampling system (autosampler-BSW) is to integrate the complete line of features to keep sample integrity e.g.:

  • Large bore by-pass loop isokinetic sampling with large opening size and 2.4 m/s constant velocity as per the API recommendations related to automatic sampling system (autosampler-BSW).
  • Accurate extractor grab size repeatability assured by the positive displacement principle.
  • Sample extracted from process line is directly stored in the sample receiver chamber integrated to the autosampler.
  • Autosampler receiver chamber is equipped with a mixer to prevent stratification of heavier fractions during the sample transfer to the 1-litre portable receiver.
  • The automatic sampling system (autosampler-BSW) receiver chamber is a floating piston cylinder to suit with split-phase crude-oil; sampling is operated at constant pressure.
  • Feedback to the automatic sampling system (autosampler-BSW) Control Unit indicates the amount of sample contained inside of the sample receiver and a local indication of the level is given by the piston shaft position.
  • Another feed-back free contact is issued to verify that pulses have been transferred to the sample solenoid valve of the automatic sampling system (autosampler-BSW).
  • The automatic Sampling processing is operated by pilot pulses issued by separate Control Unit for safe or flammable area.
  • Grabs are taken in proportion to flow or time.
  • A permanent comparison between the sample collected in the receiver and the batch volume monitored online is achieved, therefore confirmation that the automatic sampling system (autosampler-BSW) extracts a uniform grab inflow or time proportional manner is made.
  • At the end of the automatic sampling, compliance with service factor requirement specified by ISO 3171 is checked and reported

TREXM completed this project within record time following all industry’s specified standards and procedure. This flawless and quality project delivery enabled TREXM to win the Operations and Maintenance of these units which is currently on-going. TREXM has been handling this scope of the project and has ensured HEOSL has no downtime during their operation. 



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