TREXM is currently handling an EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning) project for Energia Limited, to provide an Integrated Metering System at their Ebendo Flowstation in Kwale. With the Partnership and Support of our OEM, this system is tasked with the ability to meter all the hydrocarbon fluid being transported through all the process lines at the flow station. The Integrated Metering System shall entail the fabrication and installation of a metering skid, for the measurement and accounting of gas sold to a 3rd party entity and the installation of other in-plant meters at specified locations identified by Energia Limited. The flow metering technology selected for the in-plant meters is Ultrasonic while the metering skid is Coriolis. Both meters are accurate and efficient and can be calibrated even under operating conditions. The Coriolis meter for the metering skid has been approved by DPR for custody transfer applications. During the Detailed Design and Engineering (DED) phase, TREXM carried out adequate flow meter sizing to suit each application in order to attain a successful operation after installation and commissioning. So far so good, there has been no LTI’s. It is TREXM’s responsibility to ensure that the project is delivered safely, before schedule, within the Client’s budget and all recommended industry standards are strictly adhered to. At the end of the installation phase, TREXM hopes to achieve an integrated system where data (flow rate, pressure, and temperature) from all the installed meters (in-plant meters and the metering skid) will be polled to a flow computer in the control room for easy retrieval, which will be integrated with an HMI (Human Machine Interface).


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