In delivering specialty engineered products as required by our clients, TREXM has direct OEM relationships that cover the entire value chain of the oil and gas operations.

Some of the OEMs includes BHGE, Cameron, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Bestolife, etc. TREXM has relationships with the major equipment integrators.
METERING SKIDS With the aid of the OEMs we represent, TREXM offers a complete solution for all fiscal metering requirements in Oil & Gas Industry.

At TREXM satisfying our customer is our major aim the reason why we provide full package metering solution to our customers. We design, construct, install, commission, operate and maintain the following:

  • Crude Oil Custody Transfer Metering Unit.
  • Gas Custody Transfer Metering skid.
  • Produced Water Metering Skid.
  • Pressure Reduction Metering Station.
  • Fiscal Metering Skid.
  • Fuel Gas Metering skid e.t.c.

TREXM offers a quick plug and play solution to ensure minimal disruption to the operations of our customers. Our expertise has clearly distinguished us
in the Oil & Gas industry. We deliver complete project solution starting from procurement to construction to commissioning.

The public is hereby notified that as a policy everything regarding recruitment/employment in TREXM is done directly via TREXM and not through any third party or agent, please disregard any third party agency claiming to be carrying out employment for TREXM.