TREXM maintains a Nigerian Content Plan which documents our strategy towards optimizing our corporate commitment to the Nigerian Local Content Act. This is aimed at developing and building Nigerian capacities and capabilities, pursuant to the statutory and regulatory guidelines.


Our Nigerian Content Plan is structured to achieve the following:

  • Training and development plan covering the establishment of training facilities and externally accredited training programs for the development of skills and competence amongst local labor.
  • On-the-job internship employment for local trainees for a minimum of six, subject always to such trainees meeting the required standards and possessing the required skills set.
  • Prioritize and maximize the use of local labor, goods, services and equipment.
  • Encourage a culture for work competition in Nigerian owned companies
  • Utilization of Nigerian labor, goods and services for fabrication and assembly work elements.
  • Utilization of Nigerian labor, goods and services for construction, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning work elements.
  • Utilization of Nigerian representatives and/or agencies, to import those goods and services and equipment originating from outside Nigeria.
  • Utilization of competent Nigerian manufacturers and fabricators as appropriate in the manufacture, assembly and fabrication of component parts.
The public is hereby notified that as a policy everything regarding recruitment/employment in TREXM is done directly via TREXM and not through any third party or agent, please disregard any third party agency claiming to be carrying out employment for TREXM.