Our Operation and Maintenance Division continues to grow our workforce of highly skilled and experienced personnel, having the capacity to undertake projects, providing operation expertise while displaying maintenance capability and skills. Our project experiences have helped us to gain valuable knowledge of systems, improving our learning curve, thereby reducing O&M risks & costs. With TREXM’s diverse expertise of control systems and oil & gas application, we also help reduce hassle of managing multiple vendors for any Operation and Maintenance.


  • Asset Support.
  • Production Support.
  • Production Optimization.
  • Operation and maintenance of LACT Unit.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Autosamplers.
  • Facility Survey and troubleshooting
  • On site & Remote O & M Services.
  • Operations & Maintenance Training Solution
  • Resident and On-call O & M Services
The public is hereby notified that as a policy everything regarding recruitment/employment in TREXM is done directly via TREXM and not through any third party or agent, please disregard any third party agency claiming to be carrying out employment for TREXM.